Ellen Graham

Biostatistics PhD Student

University of Washington

A Little About Me

I just finished my Bachelor of Arts at Macalester College with an applied math and statistics major and a computer science minor. This summer, I’m preparing for beginning the Biostatstics PhD program at the University of Washington in the fall, as well as doing consulting work for local governments and organizations with David Keyes of R for the Rest of Us.


  • PhD, Biostatistics, 2021-Present

    University of Washington

  • BA, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 2017-2021

    Macalester College


API Food Assets Map

Collecting San Francisco food resources with special attention to their locations relative to Asian and Pacific Islander populations.

Honors Thesis: Efficient Spatial and Temporal Generalized Linear Modeling

Extending an existing method for computationally efficent spatial modeling to the spatiotemporal domain.

Understanding Polarization through Networks

The news often tells us that we live in a more politically polarized time than ever. Can a network create by senator voting patterns …

Exploring Interference in Causal Inference

Understanding methods for estimating causal effects when participates treatments affect each other.

Data Science for the Public Good

Partnering with local governments to help achieve community goals.

Data Sensing on the Mississippi

Data Analysis for a Canoe Trip Down the Mississippi River

Clustering Longitudinal Categorical Data

A summer research project that my team and I worked with for Professor Brianna Heggeseth.